Emerald Activities Update!

We finally did our big site overhaul at Emerald Activities!

We gave the whole site a shiny new look, we made a twitter account and we build a Facebook page. The following lists some of our new features.

As part of that update we would like to introduce you to three of our new mascot characters. Emerald, the dragon, will be your general guide around the site. Feldspar, the gryphon, has tips and information over on our games pages. Finally, Amber, the phoenix, is helping out in the crafts section. At any time you can click these mascots to go to our help page.

Each registered member now has an improved personal gallery, a treasure hoard and access to a basic, restricted private messaging system. The treasure hoard holds loot members unlock by completing various tasks. Each item in their hoard is an actual piece that can be used in all Magic Makers.

We have introduced a new currency called “Emeralds”. Our members can spend these emeralds in the Market on hundreds of new pieces that can be used in either classic or modern Magic Makers. Emeralds can be earned by building and submitting images to the galleries, participating in contests and challenges and unlocking certain treasures. If you would like to help support our site, Emeralds can also be purchased through PayPal in our Market.

Our Magic Makers have been upgraded and now award Emeralds. The modern and classic makers have new tools that allow free skewing, scaling and rotation. The modern makers also have secondary colour and pattern support.

Users under 13 years of age can now make restricted accounts, this will allow them to have personal galleries but only restricted use of the forum. For full site access they will need parental permission.

We  will be updating the colouring books and adding easter colouring some time in the next week or two. I also plan to do another review, this one of Doll Divine, so stay tuned!