Doll Builders on Deviant – Part II

Here are a few more of my favorite doll makers on Deviant Art (they are appropriate for all ages):

Rock Chick Maker

Rock Chick Maker

The Rock Chick Maker Game: A click to mix and match style doll builder game, but it has and entertaining style and lots of pieces to choose from. The little round buttons on the bottom let you choose the catagory of piece you want. Click a piece on your doll to remove it. There are a few little accessories that you can drag and drop as you please, and you can mix and match some background elements to get a fun stage for your rocker. Once you are done, you can hide the other pieces (hit the “show” button) and even print your doll if you want 🙂 I really like this doll. (Click the download icon on the left side to play, or use the second link.)


Face Maker

Face Maker

Face Maker: This one is a little more confusing to use than some, but its kinda fun to play with anyway anyway. It was created to help the programmer build faces more easily for RPG games. (He is not the origonal artist for the pieces.) Click the rounded tab things down the right side to go through different features. Select options in the other list to change the colours of your pieces. The circle with arrows in it allows you to adjust the position of some features.

Wolf Maker

Wolf Maker

Wolf Maker: This one is just nicley drawn fairly realistic wolf colour changer. It lets you recolour almost every patch of fur (though only with realistic colours). There are a few little drag and drop scars you can add under “Misc”. Make sure that you colour this wolf in order, so start with the “Base”, then the “Unders”, then the “legs”, etc…. When you choose a tab you have already used, it erases your other work!

Stay tuned for the next post of Doll Builders on Deviant 🙂

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