– A Game Directory is a favorite of one of the girls on our site. I have listed it in directories, since it basically hosts a huge number of games from all over the net, but all of them are playable without leaving their site. There is generally a link inside of the doll maker back to site that actually hosts the doll.  On the downside there is a lot of advertising on this site (you have to watch one every time a game loads, and there are a lot of big animated banners and such) but that isn’t unusual for free sites 😉

Since the games are from all over, the art is varied, but most of it seems to be a nice quality. The occasional doll or game has animation as well. The dolls are sorted by theme rather than how they function, but they do have both drag n’ drop and click to change style dolls. They also have a lot of maker/builder type games where you can create pizzas, cakes, snowmen, and other fun stuff. For the sort of 6-9 year old crowd this is probably a pretty good choice. They don’t need to sign up to play, and there is enough variety to keep them entertained for quite a while.

As far as drag n’ drop directories go, this one isn’t bad. The have a huge variety of games, and their advertising isn’t too annoying. Many of theses sites have tons of pop-up ads and such, but this one manages to steer away from that. One last side note though, the site does seem to go down a fair bit (it is probably a bit busier than their servers can handle) so you might have to check back at another time of day if it seems to be acting funny 😉

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