Beautiful Dress Up Games on is a fun little site by a very talented artist. The content is family friendly and very cute. Hula Bunny has artwork, cartoons, and of course dress up games. There are quite a few dress up games on her site, but I have picked my favorites for this little list. They are all “click to mix and match” style dress up games (not drag and drop) so they are probably best for younger users. My four year old does well with them, but I think they would be fine for most 4-10 year olds.

A Bunny Genie :)

A Bunny Genie 🙂

Genie Princess is a genie bunny with a simple floating animation really adds to her charm. You can change her clothing, jewelry, slippers, and lamp. Several of the clothing items have sparkly sequins which my daughter enjoyed 😉

The Magic Feather is just a simple little baby bird that you can colour and decorate. Bright colours, big blinking eyes and lovely swirly feathers. Defiantly a good choice for younger children.

Magic Mare is a fairly limited maker as far as piece selection goes. But the main and tail are animated, the horn sparkles, and the graphics are (of course, lol) super lovely.

Princess Abella has wonderful period graphics organized by year. Again, there are not a ton of choices, but its fun to see what century the clothing is from, and the settling animation when you choose a dress if very nice.

Create your goddess (this is a random link to the goddess maker that I found in a search engine, the one on the Hula Bunny site was broken when I wrote this). Build your goddess from a selection of pieces inspired by goddesses from around the world. When you make a piece choice, it tells you facts about the goddess the piece was inspired by. Really wonderful artwork and interesting little bits of trivia. The doll is nude though (no body detail, it looks like a barbie), so if you feel that that is inappropriate you might want to pass on this one.

I am really a fan of both this artist and her site, its well worth visiting.

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  1. coolness i like it

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