Scottoons – Monsters and Robots Oh My!

I have played with many drag and drop games over the past few years. Almost always I am disappointed by the fact I can’t rotate, control piece colour, or something similar. Very rarely do I find one that really allows for creativity. Scottoons makes my favorites among those rare makers with lots of options and piece control. Both of these makers are just little stand alone drag and drop games, and the content is fine for all ages (though the level of control makes it a better choice for the 10 and up crowd).

Scottoons Chicken Monster

Scottoons Chicken Monster

Monster Maker Monster Lab – drawers full of strange pieces, and a jar of eyeballs to build your creation. The little box down in the bottom right lets you change layering, stretch and squash pieces, flip, rotate, remove outlines, and delete pieces. (There are a lot of buttons so its seems a bit confusing, but playing with it for a few minutes is enough to figure it all out.) Click on the knobs down the right to open the doors full of pieces. Clicking the tank thing with the gauge on it brings down a blank screen you can build on. The drawer in the bottom left has the colour palette. Click on a colour to change the colour of the last piece you had selected. When you are finished you can submit it to the gallery of images they have on flickr 🙂

Robot Factory Creation

Robot Factory Creation

Scottoons robot Factory a little bit differently. Clicking a piece from the collection on the right, causes the piece to appear in the little manufacturing window on the left. You can drag the piece to the build area from that window. There are few buttons in this maker, but you can still mirror, scale, flip, layer, rotate, and duplicate you pieces. There is also a colour palette for the back drop, though not for the pieces. In the arms section is one super neat piece that I love, it looks like a stack of circles. Drag one out into the build area, then pull on one of the middle circles. It will cause the whole the to bend like a hose. Super fun idea.There is an e-mail that you can send your finished robot to if you would like to show it off 😉

The intereactive area of the Scottoon site ( lists both of these games as well as several other little time wasters that you might enjoy 🙂

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