Doll Builders on Deviant – Part I

As you probably know, Deviant Art is an online art gallery where people can upload and share their creations with the world. The type of art that it boasts ranges from RL painting and photography all the way through to digital fan art and simple Flash games. Among those games, are lots and lots of doll makers. (Many Deviant Art Flash artists get paid by various big doll builder sites to make new dolls, so you might see some of these dolls on other sites.)  Here are a few of my favorites (they are appropriate for all ages):

CCC Dressup

CCC Dressup

CCC Dressup :  I love this little maker,  it has a huge variety of pieces that can be mixed in all kinds of ways. (Click and drag on the background itself to see more of them.) It is a basic drag and drop style doll. It doesn’t have any kind of layering control, or any fancy functions, but the appeal of the graphics and the fun little animated bits make up for it 🙂

Warrior Dress UP

Warrior Dress Up

Warrior Dress Up : This one is not a drag and drop style maker, instead you click the little buttons to make different items appear and change. The buttons are occasionally irritating as they vanish and reappear, but its a nice change to make a warrior. The clothes are fairly skimpy, think Zena/Amazons but there are some neat head dresses and capes. My four year old doesn’t have the mouse skills for the drag and drops yet, but she likes this one 😉

Create A Dragon

Create A Dragon

Create a Dragon : Another click to mix and match maker, but this time you get to make a super cute dragon. Its very carefully drawn and really appealing. There are quite a few pieces that can be added in large variety of colours. You also get to select a background. Quite a few girls who enjoy fantasy have recommended this maker to me. Its unfortunate that it doesn’t have the freedom of a drag and drop, but its still tons of fun.

Stay tuned for the next post of Doll Builders on Deviant 😉

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